Terms and conditions

  1. All prices outlined in any of Party Spit Hire marketing material, included but not limited to the website and promotional flyers, are subject to change without prior notification. If a quote has been provided for an expected event, the price is still subject to change and a new quote will be provided. Discounted prices will be subject to management approval and will be assessed on a case by case basis. Every effort will be made to satisfy the customer.
  2.  The $50 cleaning deposit is forfeited if the spit and all supplied equipment are not cleaned satisfactorily (with no signs of ash or charcoal, and no food or grease on the grills, prongs, the bar or any part of the spit and its equipment).
  3. $50 cleaning deposit is required per spit, per booking. Deposit is forfeited if the spit(s) and all other equipment provided are not returned cleaned and without damage. Party Spit Hire is to be notified immediately of any faulty equipment that has been provided to you. Failing to notify Party Spit Hire immediately may also result in forfeiting the deposit paid.
  4. If the spit is damaged in any way (beyond reasonable wear and tear), the customer is liable for the cost of repair (by a specialist of Party Spit Roast Hire’s choice) or replacement of the part in question from a supplier of the company’s choice. If this cost is not paid by the due date stated, it will then be passed on to a collecting agency and further costs associated will be passed onto the customer.
  5. Payment: Payment for all invoices must be made in full a minimum of 7 (seven) days prior to scheduled delivery or customer pick up. If the payment has not received by Party Spit Hire, your booking is not confirmed and cannot be secured until payment has been made. We DO NOT accept cash on delivery or upon customer pick up. If you require your booking to be secure, it is your responsibility to get in contact with us and make payment.
  6. Details of payment options are as follows:
    • Credit Card: This is our preferred method of payment. Payment is instant and you will get an automatic receipt of payment.
    • Bank Transfer: Payment must be received by us before 7 days, not made by the customer
    • Cash: Cash payments can be accept ONLY in person and must be paid a minimum of 7 days prior to scheduled delivery or customer pick up. Prior arrangement must be made with management of Party Spit Hire and it is your responsibility to arrange the meeting
  7. We cannot always guarantee the weight of the meat. ie 4kg cut might be anywhere between 4kg – 5kg. The difference will be taken out of the deposit. If the variation exceeds the deposit amount it will be charged to your credit card.
  8. Delivery and Customer pick up of Spit:
    • Deliveries are made between 6pm and 9pm Monday to Friday, and between 8am and 10am Saturday and Sunday. Times beyond these can be arranged and every effort will be made to keep the booking times.
      • On pick up, the delivery person will assess the cleanness of the spit and will notify of you and Party Spit Hire as to whether the cleaning bond will be refunded or forfeited.
    •  Customer pick up for bookings can also be requested. However for secure pick up times, we require all customer pickups to be pre-arranged
      • Upon pick-up, customers are required to show photo identification with their current address (ie: licence).
      • In the event the spit not being returned by the agreed date and time, the customer will be charged the original cost of the spit hire as stated on the invoice, and an additional day’s hire will be added to the charges for each day the spit is returned late (in the case of there being no prior arrangement).
  9. Meat will be calculated at 150g-200g of meat per person
  10. We are unable to set up meat for customers on delivery, unless chef attendance service booked, but will be happy to give advice on how it is to be done correctly.
  11. Bookings for customers who supply their own meat:
    • If the customer is supplying their own meat, we accept no responsibility for cooking times or the set up of the meat on the spit.
    • In the event the meat supplied by the customer does not correctly fit the spit supplied by us, there will be no refunds, and the customer will be liable for any damage caused to the spit as a result of overloading.
  12. By making payment of the invoice, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions stated herein.